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Embarrased about my penis

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I am 14 years old and there is a girl that likes me and I like her. She was at my birthday party and told me and my best friend that she would give us both blow jobs but she only gave him one that night because it was at the end of the night and she was going home soon. So she promised to give me one at my camp out in July. But she told her best friend that my best friends penis was big. But he told me that he didn't really have a big one. So maybe she just thinks that my penis size is big.

Embarrassed of circumcised penis?

I am embarrassed about my penis size and I'm getting a BJ. HELP!? | Yahoo Answers

According to the Wiley Online Library , the average penis size sits at 3. But penis size is largely dependent on a variety of factors including genetics, hormones, testosterone, and ethnicity, says urologist Koushik Shaw , MD. Considering penises come in bouts of shapes and sizes think bananas, hammers, and pencils for visuals , it begs the question: Does penis size really, actually matter? Below, four men who identify as having a small penis settle the question once and for all.

Size Doesn't Matter: 'Penis Shame' Is All in Guys' Heads

So I am 5 foot 3, and 20 years old. Yes I know that I am small. I don't think I am going to grow anymore sadly. Anyways, I am very concerned about my penis size and am very insecure because of it. My penis, fully erect, is only 4.
He was huge, and he thrust his penis up in me while I was slowly easing down. Puke and shit came out of me at the same time. It covered him and the bed, and I ran to the bathroom, embarrassed. I never talked to him ever again. I was 16 and my boyfriend was

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